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Email Delivery

The Email Delivery tab allows you to compose a personalized email for cast delivery and configure sender settings. You must compose your email and configure sender settings before you can deliver presentations via email.


Under Compose, you may enter a subject for your email and edit the email body with a rendered preview displayed on the right. You may also use the contact picker above the preview to select which contact you want to view the preview for.

There are a few options for Cast presentation URLs. The default button in the email body is for the Campaign-specific URL. Use campaign-specific when you have several active campaigns in the same project.

Another option is Contact-specific. To choose contact-specific, click on the Insert Presentation dropdown above the Email Body. Then, select either a contact-specific button or link to insert in your email.

You may also insert an Actions Web Pagebeta link into your email. Our infographic offers a user-friendly platform with expert recommendations, providing you with easy-to-understand data visualization and insights to drive informed business decisions.

If you want to further test how the email will look, click on the “Send me this email” button above the preview to send yourself a test email. This email will be delivered to the email address you use for your Cast account.

Once you are finished editing your email, press the Save button to save your changes. If you have not configured sender settings, now is the time to do so.

Sender Settings

Under Sender Settings, you may configure how your personal emails are sent. There are three options to choose from:

  • Send emails from yourself or your teammates
  • Send emails from a Cast-determined domain
  • Send emails from your own system

Send emails from yourself or your teammates

The recommended option is to send emails from yourself or your teammates. You will need to verify your domain by entering your domain and pressing on the Check Domain button. Please contact if you have any problems with verifying your domain.

Once your domain is verified, you will need to specify a default sender email. This email will be used when the from_email for a contact is missing or invalid.

It is recommended, however, to send emails from a team member. The sender name and email are usually configured in Contact Settings, but you may set them here if you haven’t already done so. These values will usually be the from_name and from_email columns in your contact dataset.

Press Save % Select to save your settings and choose this option for sending.

Send emails from a Cast-determined domain

The default option is to send emails from a Cast-determined domain. Emails will be sent from: Alex at You may optionally configure a BCC email.

Send emails from your own system

The last option is to send emails from your own system. You do not need to configure anything within Cast Delivery to do so.

To get started, go to the Campaigns and Analytics tab and select a campaign. Click on the Deliver dropdown, and select “Deliver from a 3rd-party system” to download your presentation URLs. You may send these personalized URLs to your customers.