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The project listings page lists all the projects you and your team mates are working on.

A Cast project is a collections of conditional data-driven slides. The slides are arranged and edited in a workflow, which provides a structure to the project.

Several slide types are supported.

Edit slides via three tabs

  1. Design slides in the Design Tab,
  2. Manage Narrations in the narrations tab, and
  3. Edit Appearance in the appearance tab: background and foreground colors, desktop and mobile desktop images, and inline images,

A project is both persona customer journey and customer maturity aware.

You may need different projects to manage different cadences of communications with customers.

For example,

  1. A Project for Monthly Customer Insights business and performance review that is sent to executives, operators, and individual contributors.
  2. A Project for Daily trigger-driven ad-hoc presentation sent to specific customers to drive them to the next best step in their journey.