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Why is the Cast approach compelling?

  1. First, helps you scale across all customer segments, not just the top-paying ones.
  2. Second, you can scale without hiring additional customer success managers, account managers, community managers, or content writers.
  3. Third, You scale across all customer personas.

    The number one way to drive retention is to make your product valuable to all users and communicate its value and ROI to decision-making executives.

    Cast lets you speak in your customer’s lingo and language, for instance, without having to hire regional CSMs.

  4. And finally, Cast helps you scale and automate playbooks and experiences across the user’s journey and maturity.

Automating and scaling customer experiences and top positive interactions — what the industry calls Moments of Truth — are very financially rewarding.

Automation-first approach

  • The automation-first approach to scaling makes automation the critical mechanism behind advising customers, driving actions, customer marketing, customer education, and outreach.
  • It elevates CSMs to “problem solvers” instead of manually presenting, informing, and advising customers or executing playbooks repeatedly that are way better experienced when fully automated.
  • For instance, instead of creating playbooks for CSMs to execute manually, you use to automate advice, actions, recommendations, and content you want to share with customer personas.
  • What customer personas experience is personalized and customized based on the persona journey stage and customer maturity.