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A metrics slide shows one or several performance indicators.

Here is some of the data that is used to generate the chart above for account 123954. You will need to format your data similar to the sample datasets for each slide type.

123954 Online Showroom Customers 250
123954 Submitted Apps With Collateral 34
123954 Submitted Apps With No Collateral 76
123954 Started & Submitted Apps 44

Download Sample Data - metrics

You can configure the chart under Design. First, select your dataset from the dropdown menu.

Then, pick the Slide Style. You can choose whether to display 1 metric at a time, or all metrics simultaneously. In this example, we’ll select Multiple Panels.

After, define the metrics for your slide. Pick the Metrics Labels and Value.

In this example, the METRIC column is used for the Metrics Labels. The VALUE column is used for the Value.

Finally, add the metrics to your slide by clicking on the β€œAdd another metric group” button. Select a metric title from your dataset, which will be from the values in your Metric column.

Here we configured the 4th metric value in the chart, Start and Submitted Apps, as a percent.

Press the Save button to view your changes.