Cast + Calendly Integration

We are thrilled to announce that has integrated Cast Designer with Calendly, a meeting scheduling tool that allows businesses to schedule meetings.

This integration vastly improves the customer experiences for your B2B or SaaS business, significantly when automation alone is not enough, and you need to bring in the right team member at the right time in the customer journey.

About is an automation and personalization platform to drive growth and revenue from your existing customers using digital customer success and account representatives.

Generate, distribute, and explain data-driven presentations to all your customer personas using digital representatives that tie customer insights to actionable recommendations and practical advice to drive adoption, retention, renewals, revenue expansion, and referrals.

Calendly Integration

Configure the Calendly recommendation to enable your B2B customers to book Calendly meetings with the right Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, Executives, or any customer-facing team member directly and seamlessly within personalized Cast Presentations.

Connect the right team member at the right time

With this integration, you can reliably connect the right Customer Success Manager, Account manager, or any other customer-facing team member or executive to the right person at your customer, using various criteria.

Criteria include customer segment, customer maturity, cohort, overall customer health, and the role or responsibility of the user for whom the presentation was personalized and presented by a Digital Customer Success Manager or Digital Account Manager.

var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;

var utmSource = urlParams.get(“utm_source”) || “default”; var utmMedium = urlParams.get(“utm_medium”) || “web”; var utmCampaign = urlParams.get(“utm_campaign”) || “Calendly”; Calendly.initInlineWidget({ url: ‘’, parentElement: document.getElementById(‘calendly-embed’), utm: {utmSource, utmMedium, utmCampaign} }); </script>

Digital Customer Success or Account Managers

Digital Customer Success or Account Managers are automated bots that:

  • Generate presentations personalized for all personas,
  • Deliver them over various channels, either in-app to active users or over email and text to inactive users or executives who are influential decision-makers but may not use your product
  • Explain customer insights, intelligently tying them to various recommendations to drive product use and adoption and influence expansion through feature, seat, or license upsells and product cross-sells.
  • Connect the right human Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, customer-facing team member, or executive based on the abovementioned criteria.

B2B Integration

The integration between and Calendly is straightforward to set up. You specify the Calendly URL in the recommendation and use cast liquid variables to identify the CSM or Account Manager’s name, email, or other contact information. Your customers will be able to book meetings directly from within Cast presentations. The meeting details will be automatically added to your customer’s calendar, including the date, time, and zoom details.

Below is an example URL. {{ first_name }}, {{ last_name }} and {{ contact_email }} are cast liquid variables used to pre-fill the form fields for each customer.{{ first_name }}&last_name={{ last_name }}&email={{ contact_email }}

We understand that customer success is critical for the growth of your business, and this integration will make it even easier for your customers to connect with your team.

It will help you scale your customer engagement and drive growth for your business beyond just automation.