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The Team page is divided into three sections. Here, you can make changes to your Profile, Team and Roles.

My Profile

Under the My Profile tab, you can update your name, phone number, email and password. You can also generate an API key or change the Designer Appearance settings.


Under the Team tab, you can invite new team members and edit or delete existing team members. The team members are the users of and create and distribute cast presentations to your customer contacts or personas.

To invite a new team member, click on the Add New Project User button. This will open the Invite New User popup. Then, enter the name and email address of the person you would like to invite, and press the Invite button.

The invited person must follow the instructions from the email to get started with Cast.


Under the Roles tab, you can manage your Roles, or groups, for team members. The two built-in default roles are admin and your org id.

To create a new Role, click on the Add New Role button at the top of the page. This will open up the Add a New Role popup. Enter a name for the new role and press the Create button.

To add members to a certain role, select a role and click on the Add a member button. This will open up the Add a Member popup. Click on the person/people you would like to add to the role, and press the Save button.