🎥 Getting Started Videos

Create an Account and Select a Template

Click on “Create an account” at the bottom of the login page. Enter your email and choose a password, then answer a few more questions. After, pick a presentation template to create a new project.

Generate Presentation

Click the “Generate Preview” button on the top right of the Workflow to bring up the Generate Menu. Then, click the “Generate” button and “Preview” button to preview your presentation.

Add Slides

Drag additional preconfigured slides into the workflow. You may browse all slides or search by name/type.

Edit Slides

Open the Slide menu by clicking the “Slide” button on any Workflow node. From there, you can choose to edit the Design, Narrations and Appearance on each Slide.

  • Edit a Slide Dataset:

  • Edit a Slide Background:

Preview Slides

You can preview slides directly in the Slide Designer or in a new Tab.

  • Preview in Slide Designer:

  • Preview in New Tab: