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Announcing the + Gainsight integration

With the Gainsight connector you can query Gainsight Contacts and Data use them to generate Cast video presentations and recommendations website pages.

Gainsight Connector details are available here:

See details and video here: Gainsight Integration


Announcing the and Gainsight Integration: Empower Your Customer Success with Digital Customer Success Managers.

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We are excited to unveil the powerful integration of the with Gainsight, a collaboration designed to transform how customers access and leverage their Gainsight data for personalized presentations and action webpages featuring customer insights and recommendations.

This seamless integration enables customers to obtain data directly from Gainsight as datasets, supporting all Gainsight-provided Standard, System, and Custom Objects as part of its Data Management.

By incorporating Gainsight’s robust data,’s “Automated Digital Customer Success Managers” will help your business

  • scale your Customer Success Programs,
  • drive onboarding, usage, and adoption,
  • minimize logo and revenue churn, and
  • foster efficient growth via renewals, revenue expansion, and referrals from promoters.

Gainsight, a Human-first platform, enables businesses of all sizes and industries to drive “Durable Growth” through customer-led, product-led, and community-led strategies and offers industry-leading

  • customer success,
  • product experience, and
  • community engagement solutions

Notable benefits of the and Gainsight integration:

  1. Access and utilize Gainsight data directly within for personalized content and recommendations.
  2. Access customer contact (recipient) name, email, and profile from Gainisight.
  3. Access CSM Name and Email (i.e., senders) from Gainsight.
  4. Comprehensive support for Gainsight-provided Standard, System, and Custom Objects, ensuring a data-driven approach to customer success.
  5. Enhance your Customer Success Programs with’s “Automated Digital Customer Success Managers,” powered by state-of-the-art personalization, automation, and Generative AI.

Here are high level steps

In Gainsight

Get Access Key and your subdomain from Gainsight (2 min)


  1. Create a Gainsight Data Source (1 min)
  2. Create one or more Gainsight Datasets in JSON (~10 min)
  3. Configure Data Transformations including cleanup, if needed in SQL (~5 min)

Use in Workflow. will generate content and recommendations perpetually for all personas for all customers.

To leverage the and Gainsight integration, visit resurces page for step-by-step instructions at Gainsight Integration

Unleash the full potential of personalized presentations and data-driven insights today by embracing this innovative integration!