Cast allows you to personalize the pronunciation of both static and dynamic content.

Static content

Static content refers to plain text inside your narrations.

Highlight the text that you would like to add a pronunciation for, and click on the Pronounce button.

Inside of the Add Pronunciation popup, type the new pronunciation for your word or phrase and press Save.

The new pronunciation will be added to your narration.

Examples include

  • abbrevations, for example, CSM -> Customer Success Manager, vCSM -> Virtual Customer Success Manager
  • hard to pronounce words, for example antidisestablishmentarianism -> anti dis-establishmentarianism

Dynamic content

Dynamic content refers to fields, or variables, inside your narrations.

You can add cast_pronounce to your fields and it will use your stored pronunciations if available. Start with the field:

Then next to first_name, add | cast_pronounce.

Now, any first_name with a stored pronunciation will use that pronunciation.

Examples include

  • Customer, product, and company names, for example, Rachele -> Rachelle, cast -> Cast Corporation

Words that should not be translated

Examples include

  • cast -> Cast