Deployment Best Practices

Here are a few best practices, tips, and checklist items by category to get the most out of automated Digital Customer Success or Account Managers.


  1. Enable Ask Me Anything (AMA): Our Digital CSM can answer your customers’ frequently asked questions regarding their subscription, account, or usage.
  2. Fonts: Set the font used in your company’s branding in your project settings.
  3. Color Palettes: Set the color palette used in your company’s branding in your project settings.
  4. Recommendations: Create recommendations to articles tailored to your customers’ interests or have them contact a Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.

Email Setup

  1. Send emails from Cast using your domain.
  2. The email should be coming from someone that your customer is familiar with.
    1. Always send emails from the person with the best relationship with the contact. It could be a CSM, a Director, a manager, an account executive, or a VP.
    2. Have a fallback email to send from.
  3. Verify that the Generate conditions are correct.
  4. Verify sender settings.
  5. Verify reminder settings are correct.
  6. Recommend 3 reminders to maximize results.
  7. Time your emails; send them when they are most likely to read, like mornings and weekdays. Tuesday tends to be the best day to send emails.

Email Content

  1. Always personalize the Subject.
    1. The Subject should be less formal and more conversational
      1. Shorter email subjects are better.
      2. Note: 64% of people receiving an email determine whether to open it based on the Subject line.
  2. Always personalize the Body.
    1. Create templates that look like how a CSM would write a message to a customer versus a customer marketing email, e.g., a conversational email.
      1. 1: Many customer marketing campaigns may have fonts, background images, etc.
      2. A 1:1 email is typically personalized for the recipient.
      3. Avoid sales-y language; compose the email as if writing to a friend.
    2. Give value in the emails to your customers and encourage them to click through to the presentation.
      1. For example, include a metric in their program that they would be interested in or offer something for free (eBook resource)
      2. Consider entering them in a giveaway contest to read your emails and view the cast presentation.
  3. Personalize the button text using name and apostrophe-s logic
  4. Have both the link and button in the email. People can click on the button, link, or GIF
  5. Move the link or button higher up in the email
    1. Since the goal is for them to click on the presentation after opening the email
    2. Test on mobile and desktop; the button should be visible w/o scrolling
  6. Add a GIF with 800 x 600 size
  7. Add at least one recommendation action in the email
  8. Have at most 1 unsubscribe, but only if the customer requires an unsubscribe since the customer already has a relationship with their customers
  9. Ensure the font of the email matches the presentation font
  10. Ensure the colors of the email use the company colors
  11. Do not use SVG images in the email body, as some email clients cannot display them. Other image formats, like PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. are acceptable.

Warming Up Domains

If you have yet to send out emails from the domain you are using for delivery, we recommend using an email warmup tool. This will help your emails reach customers and avoid spam folders or promotional tabs.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for your domain to be adequately warmed up, but this time can be longer if your domain is fresh.