The Datasets page lists the datasets that the user has across all projects. Datasets drive data-driven slide presentations and may be shared between projects.

You may search through and sort your datasets at the top of the page. Below, you may add a new dataset, or view/edit/delete datasets.

Datasets drive:

  1. Contact lists or personas, i.e., individual users and executives at your customer who you send Cast presentations to.
  2. Slide visualizations, and
  3. Fields, which in turn drive Liquid Snippets and narrations.

View the different options under Dataset Types for instructions on how to upload your data.

Dataset concepts

Here are some concepts about Datasets.

  • You can think of datasets as a table.
  • Datasets drive contacts, slide visualizations, and fields directly.
  • Fields drive Snippets.
  • Fields and Snippets together with conditional logic drive to personalize narrations.

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