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Personalization refers to changing the content and recommendations for each user, persona at each customer.

Customization in implies customizing the branding expression, which is differentiated from per-user personalization.

Keywords: Customer Marketing, Retention Marketing, Lifecycle Marketing

Cast presentations can be personalized for every user, persona, customer, and contact.

Conditional Presentations

Set conditions for which slides are shown or hidden for a user, based on their data.

Conditional Narratives

Set conditions for which narratives within a slide are shown or hidden for a user based on their data.

Conditonal Recommendations and Advice

Use Liquid code and snippets to determine the content shown in a recommendation for a user, based on their data.

Advanced Liquid Conditions

Write Liquid code to generate custom content, including benchmarking and gamification, in the narratives for a user, based on their data.

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