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Roadmap - Coming Soon 🀫

  • Dynamic Infographics
  • Cross campaign analytics (currently cross campaigns is manual)
  • Dataset transformer - rename data columns and pivot relational datasets into a format that is usable in slides. Simplifies the dataset queries you use to fetch data for datsets.

What’s new? πŸŽ‰

  • Bug fixes

  • In-app delivery - Show presentations to active users directly in your mobile or web app
  • Automated reminder campaigns - remind users who have not watched a presentation
  • Bug fixes

  • Text Delivery - Send presentations to executives over text, directly from
  • More Widgets - Hours of a Day, Days of week, Days of a Month heatmap

  • Email Delivery Analytics

  • Email Delivery - Send transactional emails directly from, using your own qualified domain on behalf of a sender (CSM, account manager, executive) with best relationahip with customer.

  • Widgets New Widgets Slide supports several widgets: Percent, Number, Status, Label, Progress, Date time, Time range, Sparkline, Sparkarea, Sparkbar, Pie, Doughnut, Piebar, Bar, Funnel and Towers of Hanoi
  • Campaigns & Analytics - Manage campaigns and analytics with ease.

  • Personalized and Actionable Recommendations and Practical Advice at scale. Support for 1:1, 1:many, many:many, forms, and personalized and digital 1:1
  • Customize the branding expression so they are aligned with your brand story and identity. Your design, logos and wordmarks, color palettes, typography, decorative images or icons, visual components, and narration tone.
  • Analytics

  • Dark mode - auto, dark, and light modes.

  • Support for Shopify Liquid to personalize narrative content by user, persona, account, and beyond
  • Support for Liquid in Snippets

  • Support for Visual Explanations
  • Data Validation

  • Desktop and Mobile ready presentations
  • Support for alternate avatar (robot) or no avatar (blob)

  • Pronunciation Engine
  • Support for 12 languages for UI, narrations, and speech

  • Navigation Control - Let users choose their journey.
  • Redesigned workflow editor

Support πŸ₯°

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