Custom Cast Filters


Highlights specific text in a Cast narration box.


This {{ "text" | cast_highlight }} is highlighted.


This text is highlighted.

  • Inside narrations, select the text you would like to highlight and press the highlight button.
  • The cast_highlight filter will be applied. You can see the change reflected in the preview below.


Adds a footnote at the cursor position.


This text has a footnote {{ "This is the footnote" | cast_highlight }} at the bottom of the page.


This text has a footnoteΒΉ at the bottom of the page.

1 This is the footnote
  • Inside narrations, move the cursor to where you want the footnote to be inserted.
  • Add the text you want to display in the footnote. You can see the change reflected in the preview below.


Allows you to specify how words in a Cast narration are pronounced.

Input: Go to Projects > Project Workflow > Pronunciations and add a pronunciation

Enter in narration box:

Contact your {{ "CSM" | cast_pronounce }}.

Text Output: Contact your CSM.

Audio Output: (Contact your Customer Success Manager)

  • You can also create pronunciations directly inside narrations. Hightlight the text you want to add a pronunciation for and click on the Pronounce button.
  • Add your pronounciation and click the save button. If you highlight text that already has a pronunciation, the existing pronunciation will be applied.

New: Filters for cast_pronounce

The following filter names have been added:

Filter Descriptions and Usage

Version (version)

Purpose: To articulate version numbers clearly.

A 3-dot version number: {{ "" | cast_pronounce : "version" }}
Pronounced as: 1 point 2 point 3 point 4
A 2-dot version number: {{ "1.2.3" | cast_pronounce : "version" }}
Pronounced as: 1 point 2 point 3

Number Pair (number_pair)

Purpose: To pronounce numbers in pairs for clarity.

Standard number: `{{ "380" | cast_pronounce : "number_pair" }}`
Pronounced as: 3 80 (Three Eighty)
Longer number sequence: `{{ "346780" | cast_pronounce : "number_pair" }}`
Pronounced as: 34 67 80 (Thirty Four Sixty Seven Eighty)

By Character (by_char)

Purpose: To spell out alphanumeric strings character by character.

Alphanumeric string: {{ "XRM2380" | cast_pronounce : "by_char"}}
Pronounced as: X R M 2 3 8 0
Mixed format: {{ "SMRP 56" | cast_pronounce : "by_char" }}
Pronounced as: S M R P 5 6

These filters can be applied to any string where distinct pronunciation of characters and numbers is desired. They are especially beneficial in narrations involving technical or specific product names, enhancing clarity and understanding.


Inserts an apostrophe based on the string that is passed in.

This is useful when using a name variable that can change.

Enter in narration box:

Let's take a look at {{ "Mike" | cast_apostrophe }} progress.


Let's take a look at Mike's progress.

In the example below, the variable first_name can change quite frequently. Here are a few instances where cast_apostrophe will update based on the value for first_name.

first_name: James

first_name: Liz