Custom Cast Filters


Highlights specific text in a Cast narration box.


This {{"text" | cast_highlight }} is highlighted.


This text is highlighted.

  • Inside narrations, select the text you would like to highlight and press the highlight button.
  • The cast_highlight filter will be applied. You can see the change reflected in the preview below.


Adds a footnote at the cursor position.


This text has a footnote {{"This is the footnote" | cast_highlight }} at the bottom of the page.


This text has a footnoteΒΉ at the bottom of the page.

1 This is the footnote
  • Inside narrations, move the cursor to where you want the footnote to be inserted.
  • Add the text you want to display in the footnote. You can see the change reflected in the preview below.


Allows you to specify how words in a Cast narration are pronounced.

Input: Go to Projects > Project Workflow > Pronunciations and add a pronunciation

Enter in narration box:

Contact your {{"CSM" | cast_pronounce }}.

Text Output: Contact your CSM.

Audio Output: (Contact your Customer Success Manager)

  • You can also create pronunciations directly inside narrations. Hightlight the text you want to add a pronunciation for and click on the Pronounce button.
  • Add your pronounciation and click the save button. If you highlight text that already has a pronunciation, the existing pronunciation will be applied.


Inserts an apostrophe based on the string that is passed in.

This is useful when using a name variable that can change.

Enter in narration box:

Let's take a look at {{ "Mike" | cast_apostrophe }} progress.


Let's take a look at Mike's progress.

In the example below, the variable first_name can change quite frequently. Here are a few instances where cast_apostrophe will update based on the value for first_name.

first_name: James

first_name: Liz