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Data-driven widgets slides show various performance indicators, metrics and charts. After selecting your dataset, configure Data Grouping for your widgets slide. Choose columns from your dataset that:

  1. Specify the data group for the widget
  2. Specify the name for each item in the widget.
  3. Specify the value for each item in the widget.

Then, configure each widget.

  1. Select a widget type
  2. Select a group identifier

Optionally, you can customize your widget further. Choose a title, add formatting and color code your widget based on value.

Widgets of following types are supported:

  • Percent,
  • Number,
  • Status,
  • Label,
  • Progress,
  • Date time,
  • Time range,
  • Sparkline,
  • Sparkarea,
  • Sparkbar,
  • Pie,
  • Doughnut,
  • Piebar,
  • Bar,
  • Funnel and Towers of Hanoi,
  • Days of a Month,
  • Hours of a Day, and
  • Days of week.