Onboarding Methodology


The cast.app Onboarding Methodology aims to create a smooth onboarding experience that accelerates value realization and drives NRR growth by minimizing churn.

  1. It’s flexible, persona-tailored, and feedback-oriented, ensuring that the onboarding process contributes to a positive customer journey from the very beginning.
  2. Since well over 50% of churn can be traced back to substandard onboarding experiences, proper and fast onboarding helps drive NRR growth.
  3. Proper onboarding accelerates value realization, which is the second most critical reason for investing in onboarding for ALL personas and not just users.
  4. Like the Customer Journey starts before a prospect becomes a customer (pre-boarding), the Buyer Journey continues beyond the initial sale via revenue expansion (upsells, cross-sells, add-ons, additional licenses or seats, and additional usage revenue).

Pre-Boarding for Late-Stage Prospects:

  • Initiate onboarding during the late stages of the prospect phase.
  • Set expectations for a fast and successful implementation.
  • Provide resources and preparatory content tailored to different personas (e.g., accounts, users, executives).

Personalized Onboarding Experience:

  • Cast.app AI-driven Digital Customer Success Managers (DCSMs) offer personalized onboarding experiences by roles and responsibilities of each user.
  • Implement Next Best Action recommendations, avoiding the rigidity of the jobs-to-be-done methodology. JTBD ends up overwhelming users.
  • Present the last three achievements and suggest 3 or 4 Next Best Actions to guide users through the onboarding process.

Dynamic and Flexible Onboarding Workflow:

  • Use the cast.app workflow that adapts to the user’s progress, avoiding the pitfalls of drip-campaign-driven onboarding.
  • The same flexible and capable workflow generates campaigns, presentations, and digital hub pages for each user.
  • The generative nature enables Cast.app to support out-of-sequence task completion.

Executive Onboarding:

  • Provide executives with the necessary insights and information to advocate for implementation and allocate resources efficiently.

Post Sale Onboarding

Beyond onboarding a new account, cast.app also onboards

  • Add-on feature upgrades,
  • New products purchased, and
  • New users at any point in the customer lifecycle

Expansion Onboarding:

  • Onboard additional features, new products, and new users at any point in the customer lifecycle, ensuring continuous support and guidance.

CES Feedback Integration:

  • Onboarding feedback is essential to refine the onboarding process.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) polling is built-in to cast.app, in addition to Customer Satisfaction (CSAT/OSAT) and NPS polls

Visual Progress Tracking and Urgency

  • Visually represent the overall steps and progress during Pre-boarding and onboarding to keep users informed without overwhelming them.
  • Congratulate users on the last 3 completed tasks.
  • Present 3 or 4 next best tasks to complete, ensuring a sense of urgency, achievement, and clarity.

Adaptive Success Plans:

  • Success plans and tasks within cast.app are dynamic, allowing for changing needs.

By incorporating these elements into an onboarding methodology, cast.app can offer a personalized, flexible, and customer-focused onboarding experience that begins pre-sale and adapts throughout the customer journey, supporting retention and revenue growth.

Example of Pure Storage Tasks: