Actionable Digital Business Review

Share Customer and Benchmarking Insights, and tie them to actions that grow and preserve revenue.

  • Keep Users updated
  • Drive Usage & Adoption
  • Digitize & Automate Playbooks
  • Expand Renewals
  • Improve Retention
  • Preserve Revenue
  • Grow Revenue Expansion
  • Polls & Referrals

Graphic/Video Requirements

  • Company logo (SVG format preferred)
  • Style guide containing fonts and colors used in company websites or applications.
  • Any vector graphics used.
  • Embedded Videos to be played in cast (link to hosted video or send video for to host)

CTA/Recommendation Requirements

  • Links to KB articles, studies, and user manuals to be AI-summarized and linked
  • Links to support sites, online webinars, webcasts, etc.
  • Contact email to Customer Success Manager, Customer Support, or Mailing List

Data Requirements

  • Please go to to view the different datasets and field requirements for a cast.

Slide Examples

  • Account Overview Dashboard (i.e., number of subscriptions/licenses, number of users/customers, renewal date, services purchased, etc).

  • Application Usage by User

  • Subscription usage

  • Trend the customer’s usage over a period of time.