Advanced User & Account Onboarding

Share Onboarding Status, Recent Accomplishments, and the Next Set of Dynamic Jobs To Be Done by Persona.

  • User Preboarding For Prospects
  • User Onboarding For New Customers
  • User Onboarding For Existing Customers
  • Account Onboarding For New Customers
  • Account Off-boarding

Graphic/Video Requirements

  • Company Logo (SVG format if possible)
  • Style guide containing fonts and colors used in the company website or presentations.
  • Graphics used in presentations.
  • Videos to be included in the cast (link to the hosted video or send video for to host)

CTA/Recommendation Requirements

  • Links to KB articles, studies, and user manuals to be AI-summarized and linked
  • Links to support sites, online webinars, webcasts, etc.
  • Contact email to Customer Success Manager, Customer Support, or Mailing List

Data Requirements

  • Please go to to view the different datasets and field requirements for a cast.

Slide Examples

  • Introduce the team.

  • Display what the customer purchased and didn’t purchase.

  • Display onboarding tasks that are completed and need to be completed.

  • Overview of the onboarding process

  • Promote programs that will benefit the customer during onboarding

  • Recommend resources available to the customer

  • NPS poll slide at the end of the presentation to ask how their onboarding experience has been so far.

CES Likert Scales (from Scribbr)

Image courtesy of Scribbr

Image courtesy of Scribbr