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Project Settings

Edit our project settings to configure your customer contact list and customize the look and feel of your cast.

Project Name

  • Project names help you identify your cast project and are also used in the URL for each user.

Customer Contacts, Stakeholders, or users

  • Identify customer contacts or stakeholders (executives and users) who receive or view personalized presentations. You must select a unique identifier field, a first name field, and an email field from the dataset in your contact list.


  • Assign personal logos to your presentations.


  • Choose personalized fonts for your titles and content.

Default Colors

  • Choose the default colors for your presentations.

Avatar and Voice

  • Assign avatar visibility, type and gender for narrating slides.


  • Edit the feedback form displayed at the end of the presentation. Options include overriding the default feedback title and overriding the default feedback narration.

Advanced Endpoints

  • Endpoints allow us to deliver events to your servers in realtime as your customers watch cast presentations and take actions.