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Slide Types

Cast supports four types of slides:


Editorials are non-data driven and include:

  1. Welcome and introduction slides
  2. Feature announcements,
  3. How-Tos,
  4. Thank you slides,
  5. General recommendations,
  6. Checklists and Agenda (Non data-driven)


Data-driven charts include

  1. Checklists and Agenda
  2. Compare Bar charts,
  3. Categorization or Pie Bars,
  4. Single Bar Chart,
  5. Grouped Bar Chart,
  6. Stacked Bars, Gauges,
  7. Line and Area Charts,
  8. Waterfall,
  9. Funnel and Towers of Hanoi (i.e., upside down funnel),
  10. Towers of Hanoi, and
  11. Single pane and multi pane metrics

A navigation slide lets the viewer of your presentations choose what they want to see next. An executive may be interested in overall summary and one or two details. An operator may want to see everything.

  1. Drilldowns: Your customers can chose their journey or can drill-down in to areas of specific interest.
  2. Summary vs. Detail versions of presentations: You can show a shorter vs. detailed version of the presentation.
  3. Sequences of slides vs. Show me everything, You can show a shorter vs. detailed version of the presentation.
  4. Advocacy
    • Overall Satisfaction,
    • Customer Satisfaction,
    • NPS, CES, EGR (NPS 3.0),
    • Referrals


Data-driven widgets slide shows various performance indicators metrics and charts in a single slide. Widgets of following types are supported:

  1. Percent,
  2. Number,
  3. Status,
  4. Label,
  5. Progress,
  6. Date time,
  7. Time range,
  8. Sparkline,
  9. Sparkarea,
  10. Sparkbar,
  11. Pie,
  12. Doughnut,
  13. Piebar,
  14. Bar,
  15. Funnel and Towers of Hanoi,
  16. Days of a Month,
  17. Hours of a Day, and
  18. Days of week.

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