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A checklist slide helps share an agenda, achievements vs. goals, customer to-dos, general advice, or onboarding and pre-boarding steps.

You can hard-code the checklist items in the slide if the list won’t change or the list is the same for all customers. However, the list can be personalized and data-driven for each customer by providing a dataset for the list

Here is some of the data that is used to generate the checlist above for account 123954.

123954 Button Verbiage and Lead Form
123954 CRM Templates Powered by Quick Quote
123954 Need to adjust trade valuations?
123954 Shared Experience in Deal Center
123954 Schedule Training
123954 Review our complimentary tools, guides, and webinars!
123954 Tell us how we can improve

You can configure the checklist under Design. Here we chose the number bullet points for the list as apposed to a checkmark or letters.